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Get yourself into a routine.

Make doing your homework a habit. Make it a good habit by tackling it with enthusiasm and dedication at the same time in the same place on a regular basis. »

Set yourself deadlines. You may even use a simple alarm clock or a stopwatch. If you know you need to spend 20 minutes on a particular task, then you work against the clock. You need to set boundaries. Once you have these boundaries you work harder to keep to the timetable and thus automatically get to do your homework faster.

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How to do your homework faster


Of course everybody wants to be a winner and do their homework faster but faster is not the only important thing. Doing your homework well, getting it right is just as important if not more important than speed. What we are talking about is efficiency.

You want to become more efficient in doing your homework. And that means you finish the task sooner but get it done as it should be done -- the perfect result. So how do you do your homework faster?

You will never be able to do your homework faster if you come home with your school books tossed in a bag and then toss the bag in a corner and moan and groan about the fact that you have got homework to do that night. You don't necessarily have to become the tidiest person in the world but you do need to become organized. That means that you have a space set aside to do your homework. That means that you place your homework material in or on that space which is clean and tidy. You take a professional approach to completing your homework. If you take the subject seriously you will get excellent results.

Distractions are the bugbear of any homework activity. There are some distractions you can easily do away with and others less so. For example if there is a TV or a radio in the room where you're doing your homework, it's pretty easy to turn it off. Likewise if you have a phone or a tablet and use it to listen to music, again it's pretty easy to turn it off. Face the facts. You have to do your homework and your plan is to do it more efficiently. That means you need to say goodbye to distractions you can control.

If you are fit and well chances are you'll finish your homework faster. If you're sick then the task becomes harder. But there are some things you can control such as the lighting and the furniture. Make sure that you are sitting comfortably, that your desk or workspace is clutter free and that you are not straining to see your work because the lighting is imperfect.

Don't simply take out your school books and start doing your homework. Make a list of the tasks you have to do. Draw up a timetable. Start with such and such a subject and then move onto something else. Have a list of what you have to do in front of you. Tick off each task once it's been completed. This drives you or inspires you to keep to your schedule. This then becomes another way to complete your homework faster.

And finally, if you really are stuck, ask somebody how they get to do their homework. Ask what techniques or steps they take to become more efficient in doing their homework.

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