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Can I Get Checked Answers To Science Homework Free Of Charge?

Early this year, I found myself falling behind in my science class and needed desperately to get answers to a lot of my homework assignments in order to keep my grades up and to give me a chance at passing my tests. I’d heard about professional homework help services but I was also a little low on cash, and seeing that I needed lots of help I needed to find a free alternative. This is what I did to get checked answers for my science homework completely free of charge:

Turned to the Online Community for Help

The first thing I did was turn to the online community for some help. I posted several questions in a discussion forum and pretty soon received a number of responses. Several other community members ranked the best answers higher, and I was able to use the information fully confident that my assignment would be completed correctly.

Visited Science-Specific Tutoring Sites

Your school might have subscription access to tutoring sites online, or you can search for a general site that is open to anyone. It would be good to go to a tutoring site which specifically focuses on science, since this will assure you that the people who provide support will have some pretty deep knowledge in the field. The only negative about going to a free tutoring site is that you often have to wait several minutes before getting assistance. But if you only need help with a few problems this really is a great option.

Used the Teacher’s Edition Textbook

A lot of science and math textbooks have either odd or even numbered answers to the problems in the book. These are there to help you by allowing you to know the correct solution and working backwards. The trouble, of course, is that you often only have access to half the solutions. However, if you head down to the school library you should be able use the teacher’s edition textbook, which has all the solutions as well as some additional example problems and teaching notes that could be very helpful to you.

Started a Science Group with Other Students

Finally, I took some initiative and started a science group with some of the other students in my class. It wasn’t hard to find others who also needed some help and we began meeting twice a week to go over class notes and our nightly assignments. It was really helpful to go over some of the more confusing concepts with other people who simply understood it better.

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