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5 Tricks to Help You Deal with Not Wanting to Do Homework

No matter why you don’t want to do your homework, you know that it’s got to be done somehow. You need to develop good learning habits to make your work less work, e.g. study regularly, do the hardest tasks first, and keep the track of time. It’s possible to enjoy yourself while studying if you follow the tricks described below.

How to Finish Homework When You Don’t Want To

  1. Do your assignments right now.
  2. You should stop procrastinating and start doing your homework. So, gather the necessary materials, clear everything else off your desk, and select a starter assignment. It’s recommended to begin with the hardest task. However, you may consider working on something easy first to boost your motivation. Either way, don’t save tough tasks for last.

  3. Decide when you’ll take breaks.
  4. It’s a good idea to take a 10-15 minute break every hour. Set a timer on your smartphone to let yourself know when it’s time to switch activities. Many students consider breaks as the time to get a small reward for their efforts, e.g. move a little, read comics, play with a pet, etc. However, make sure to get back to your studies soon.

  5. Search for help when in trouble.
  6. If you’re stuck on a complex problem, ask someone to help you get started. You may call a friend, write to your classmate, or talk to your older sibling. When you discuss your complications with others, you understand the situation better and find the way through it faster.

  7. Join a study group.
  8. Being a part of a study group is the best way to fight procrastination unless you hang out without sticking to your learning session plan. Other students will share their tried and true hints, help you stick to the working schedule, and work on the most urgent tasks with you.

  9. Motivate yourself.
  10. You should encourage yourself to keep going and making a progress. A good way to motivate yourself is incorporating your own interests. For example, select a topic for an essay that you have a passion about or prepare a speech about a social problem that affects you and your family.

What Warnings to Bear in Mind

  1. Ensure that you feel comfortable, e.g. find a convenient workplace, change into something comfortable, grab a snack, and do everything you need before you get to work.
  2. Don’t except your friends, family members, or classmates complete your assignments instead of you.
  3. Avoid homework cheating, such as copying the answers from your peers, searching for an answer key online, and so on.

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