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Where To Go Looking For Free Homework Solutions In Physics And Math

Given the plethora of information and, even more, good, solid educational information on the web today, it is not hard to get help with even the most difficult subjects. Not to mention, textbooks often repeat the same problems from year to year, and only change problems by the words they use to introduce them—this saves them time and as long as they change a certain amount of sentences, they can call the book a new edition and charge you even more.

But when you combine free textbooks plus the wonders of the internet—you have endless possibilities for finding the answers to any math or physics problem.

First, Check out good textbooks from your university or local library or internet sites with book solution.

Between sites like Google Books and, new sites with solutions from textbooks available for free, you can actually cut and paste or type in the problem you are having and these search engines can find the problem with a worked-out solution from libraries full of textbooks.

In university libraries, these older math and physic books that have been discontinued for a “slightly” new edition, you will find these in the education major’s sections of the library, often. This is because in their classes where they focus on teaching math, or physics for example, they use actual student textbooks to practice teaching arriving at solutions for students. Also, try to search the internet for the best textbooks on math or physics of 2015, 2014 or any recent year which might make it easier to afford. Also, search your library’s catalogue to find out if they carry the book. If not, ILL can get you the textbook within two weeks.

The smart thing to do is order this before the semester or quarter begins, if you know a subject will be challenging.

Next, make the Internet work for you

Use the Internet wisely, and it will yield intelligent information. For math and physics problems, there are several ways to get help. First, try YouTube for lectures on the types of problems you are currently studying in class –for example “linear equation word problems.” Just watching these videos might give you insight into solving your own. Or even try plugging the problem itself in there—perhaps another student asked for help with it. The same goes for Google—first go by the nature of the problem—then try the problem itself.

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